Leweskool Coaching - House Management

Flexible and modern way of learning  online registration

We aim to provide a flexible learning platform for individuals who are currently house managers, homemakers, personal assistants, and whoever likes to manage their own space in a professional manner. By attending the Leweskool Private Learning, individuals can be able to transform their home, office, and personal space into a comfortable environment.

Certification: Certified House Manager

Full course is HKD9200 with Access of Club Leweskool from where participants can download house management related template and access videos and butler tips.

Learning Mode:

This crash course offers only on online mode. Participants can use “Clickmeeting” application to communicate with the trainer.


Online Streaming lesson, Case Studies

Content Description Hour(s) Price(HKD)
First Day as House Manager A basic step to be in the position 1 hour HKD880
Etiquette & Protocol Form of address, seating arrangement, manner 1 hour HKD880
Cleaning Schedule Planning Cleaning schedule arrangement 1 hour HKD880
Time Management Know how to estimate time of each task to maximize productivities in the household 1 hour HKD880
Valet Skills  Luggage packing, unpacking, wardrobe management 1 hour HKD880
Finance in House Learn the systematic way of finance management in the house 1 hour HKD880
House Setting Protocol Different setting to make you feel convenient at home 1 hour HKD880
Protocol Manual The tools to manage your home in organized manner 1 hour HKD880
Working Schedule in House Team member allocation, daily schedule in your house 1 hour HKD880
Household Team Management Performance appraisal, bonus, deduction, how, why? 1 hour HKD880
Inventory Management Type of inventories, storage management, silverware caring 1 hour HKD880