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Bryen Li, Principal House Management Advisor of Leweskool Consulting, was educated in Switzerland before starting his career in hospitality.  Once he stepped into the industry, he realised that his passion was for butler service and protocol.  In order to gain more experience, he spent time in the Middle East, Maldives and Hong Kong working as a butler, operations manager, Family Office Manager and House Manager in hotels, resorts and private residences. His clients include royal families and high-profile businessman. To further extend his passion, he founded Leweskool Consulting, and had since been offering his advice and training to various properties. Bryen has a Master of Arts degree in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy Skills and he is Certified Hospitality Educator of AHLEI.  

Mr. Li is passionate about learning and development. Leweskool Consulting is eager to improve the quality. To maximise the coverage of Leweskool’s services, Leweskool works with current and former House Managers, Butlers, Family Personal Assistants to implement projects, such as House Management for Leweskool’s clients, online coaching for Leweskool participants, and job referral services.

Our Projects:

2019 December:  Mr. Bryen Li was awarded as Top 100 Leaders in Education by GFEL 2019 in Dubai. Leweskool is very happy with this achievement

2019 September: International Butler Workshop, Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia    

2019 February,  March, April, October, Butler Training Galaxy Resort Macao  

2019 January, House Protocol Setup & Household Services Training, Highcliff, Hong Kong 

2018 July-August, House Protocol Setup, Household Services Training, Osler, Vancouver, Canada  

2018 June, Household Services Training, Highcliff, Hong Kong   

2018 April, Household Services Training, Shouson Hill Road East, Hong Kong 

2017 June, August Magnums Butler Open Programme, Hong Kong

2017 March, founding of Club Leweskool to accommodate social network, co-working market in Hong Kong

2017 March – 2019 March, Leweskool Officially started Magnums Butler Academy Hong Kong

2016 January, House Protocol Setup, Household Services Training, Jardine Lookout, Hong Kong

2015 September, first House Protocol Setting project was successfully done in Island Road, Hong Kong

2014 November, Leweskool partnered with ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy as Liaison Office in Hong Kong

2014 October, Co-Founder of Leweskool officially as Butler Trainer for the Magnums Butler Academy

2014 April, Founding of Leweskool

Magnums Butler Training Worldwide Since 2014