Hospitality Coaching

Working culture & communication is maybe more important than technical skills….

Do your colleagues know the protocol of your organisation clearly? If yes, do they have a good enough eye for details? or do they follow it? Are they supportive enough? We create your organisational culture in all small details… This is a project based training to offer coaching service to your team…. Leweskool is an experienced hospitality professional, we are delighted to offer you our professional advisory services. Our focus is not only for Corporate client, but also for individual who like to have career coaching in hospitality.

Our Methodology:

We aim is to coach you and your team to be more multi-tasking, responsive, empathetic. Therefore, we will not only focus on certain positions, but we will offer you a full picture of each procedure. Importantly, we guide you to feel what others feel.

We use example of the role of Butler as a main source of our coaching programme. There are several reasons. Firstly, Butler is the central point of contact for luxury hotels, private houses and corporate offices. This is ideal example to let you and your team know the full picture of the operations. Secondly, our team members are experienced House Managers Butlers, Hotel Managers, we are able to share our knowledge and experience with you to be more confident and pride to work in highest level.


Our Modules:

Introduction of Private Service

Hotel & Resort Butler

-History of Butler

-Roles in Private Service

-Code of conduct and responsibilities

-Appearance and attitude

-Concept of Butler in Hospitality

-Communication in resort environment

-Butler service operations procedure

-Guest profile management

Private House Management

Communication & Soft Skill

-House Protocol

-Organizing working schedule of the house

-Planning of House maintenance

-Staff Management

-Gift and inventory management

-The Art of conversation

-Non-verbal communication

-Anticipating needs

-Cultural awareness

-Handling difficult situation

Etiquette & Protocol

Food & Beverage

-Definition of Etiquette & Protocol

-Correct forms of address

-Seating arrangement

-Order of precedence

-Flag protocol

-Invitation handling & Event planning

-Food & Beverage service

-Table Setting & preparation

-Food restriction & allergy

-Cigar Training

-Dining Etiquette

-Tea Knowledge

Housekeeping Management

Valet Service

-A Good Housekeeper

-Cleaning Schedule Arrangement

-Wardrobe Management

-Risk Management in Private House

-Packing & unpacking luggage

-Clothes caring

-Shoe caring

-Silver caring



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