Working culture & communication is maybe more important than technical skills….

Do your colleague know the protocol of your organisation clearly? If yes, do they have enough eye for details? or do they follow it? Are they supportive enough? We create your organisational culture in all small detail… This is project based training to offer advise and coaching service to your team…. This is mainly to target on training supervisory and middle level management team member.


Content Description Hour(s) Price(HKD)
Image & its motivation  The first step to build up yourself, and your team 2 hours HKD2000
Etiquette & Protocol Form of address, seating arrangement, manner 2 hours HKD2000
Communication Verbal & non-verbal communication, polite speech, body language  2 hours HKD2000
Protocol Manual To setup the standards in your organisation 2 hours HKD2000
Anticipating needs To observe people, and rearrange the culture of your home / organisation 2 hours HKD2000
Time management How to spend our time with quality 2 hours HKD2000
House Setting protocol Set the standards in the place you live or work 2 hours HKD2000
Self awareness The tools to manage your home in organized manner 2 hours HKD2000
Cultural Diplomacy How to build a bridge between one culture with another culture 2 hours HKD2000
Working Schedule Practical knowledge of how to arrange different kind of working schedule with manpower arrangement 2 hours HKD2000

* Price is counted by hour, limited to maximum 4 persons at one time